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Central RV, INC. was founded in 2005 by Nicholas Ford. In June 2008 Nicholas Ford moved the location from Baldwin City, Kansas to Ottawa Kansas when RVs sparked his interest. Since then he has expanded to the 2324 East Logan Address and is currently GROWING again! Central RV has a reputable crew that gets the job done. We pride ourselves in customer service, friendly, family environment, not just today, but for life. Customer satisfaction is important to us; all of your needs will be satisfied the best way possible. Service has grown recently due to accommodating a new parts room. This new room features an extensive inventory of parts and if you do not find what you need, we can special order it for you. We provide assistance with whatever you need, including: RV service, restoration, insurance claims, updates, installation of slide-outs, detailing your RV and storage. We handle any problems you may encounter. We will take you step by step through your new unit – making sure you feel confident, comfortable and will enjoy all the features your new RV has to offer. We know RVs because we RV.



Was born and raised in Wellsville, Kansas. Nick is the owner of Central RV and puts in an ample amount of time keeping the company on its toes. He specializes in sales and can answer any question that comes up. Nick has been an RV technician for over ten years. He has extensive knowledge on RV’s. When Nick finds some free time away from the shop he enjoys riding ATV’s, boating, and RV’ing.

BERT BOHLANDER - General Manager

Bert is a valued and Beloved here at Central RV General Manager. He has vast knowledge of all things RV, from Bearings, Awnings, Roofs and diagnostics to sales, customer service and inspections. Bert, without a doubt helps to lead our Central RV family to year after year of success and ensures all of our customers are treated like family! In Bert’s free time, he likes to play old man softball, watch the kids play soccer, Hunt, Fish and of course, RV!

HEIDI NICHOLS - Finance and Office Manager

Heidi has been with Central RV for too long to remember! She is here for you to make sure all of your finance needs are met and does what it takes to make our customers feel like family. To say Heidi is the back bone of Central RV, would be an understatement. In her free time, Heidi enjoys entertaining for her family, vacationing with her husband and 2 children, and camping in luxury RV’s.

BRANDI VIETZE - Office Administrative Asst.

Brandi has been with Central RV since early 2017. She helps Heidi with the daily duties of office structure, Operations and is our Rental specialist! If you want to rent before you buy (or just for a fun weekend with family), call Brandi and she can get you in one of our beautiful rentals that fit your needs. Brandi enjoys coaching a youth volleyball team, playing Sand Volleyball with her 2 children, Boating, Paddle boarding and Luxury RV’ing in her free time!

JAMIE KIMMI - Human Resource Director

Jamie has been a valued asset to the Central RV family since 2016. She helps to guide our Central Team, with her spot on cheerful disposition and readiness to help with any of our needs. In Jamie’s free time she enjoys camping in the woods with her family.

BAILEY NICHOLS - Customer Relations

Bailey is our customer relations "go to" girl. She greets all customers and makes them aware of all our products. She will even hold your hand and show you around.

SHELLY GEORGE- Service Writer

Shelly has been a part of our Central RV family since early 2018. She comes from an RV background and has lots of RV experience, both in her business and personal life! her willingness to get things done in a timely and organized fashion is what makes her a GREAT asset to us! In her spare time Shelly enjoys camping and RV'ing to the BEACH!

NED FORD - Shop Technician Foreman

Ned has been a master technician since 2007. Ned specializes in cabinetry, framing, awnings, structural damage and aftermarket electronic accessories. He has a passion for RV’s and loves spending time fixing them up. Ned is a fun-loving fixture here in our Central RV family and always has an answer to all service questions when asked. When he is off the clock he enjoys riding ATV's playing video games, and fixing up lawnmowers.

AUSTIN BAILEY - Master Technician

Austin has been at Central RV since 2014. Austin is a key cog in how our daily Sales and Service run faster than most. He is an attention to detail guy and leaves nothing unchecked top to bottom from start to finish! Austin specializes in detail, inside and out. When we rent out an RV, Austin can explain every bell and whistle to our customers so they get the most out of the rental. His general Knowledge is rivaled by few, THIS is what makes Austin the go to guy in our RV family! In his free time, Austin can be found with his wife and 4 children at a dance recital, or escaping for fishing dates with the wife!

ETHAN WHITAKER - Master Certified Technician

Ethan is a master certified technician and has been an RV technician for ten years. He takes care of most of the electrical work in an RV. Also like to work on cabinetry and trim. When he is not working on an RV he likes to go camping, fishing and kayaking.

Vanessa Mayo-Detailer

Vanessa has been with Central RV since early 2018. She get her attention to detail from being a mother to 5 children Vanessa is organized and a self starter. She was not afraid to jump right in and get to work! When she is not working Vanessa like to load up the Kayak and head to any body of water with her kids! Camping has always been a family ordeal for them!

Damien Trujillo -Detailer

Damien has been with Central RV since early 2018. He is a perfect fit for our Central RV Family, with his jump right in attitude and willingness to stay until the job is finished! Damien has a 1 year old son and when hes off work, enjoys camping and hiking and focusing on his Jujitsu. As always the outdoor life is where it is at, for Damien and his family!

MIKE DINES - Technician

Mike has been with Central RV since early 2016. Mikey specializes in Frame work, Rooking and internal repair. He has a background in many different services and repairs, this makes Mikey a BIG asset to Central RV. In his free time, Mikey can be found with Family at a local Rodeo cheering on his daughter with his wife.

WILL WRIGHT - Technician

Will has been with Central RV since 2017. Will is always available to help where needed and specializes in finish work, Trim and Cabinetry. Will attention to detail makes him a true company asset. When Will isn’t working, he likes to head to the nearest marsh and hunt duck!

RUSTY "HANDLE BAR" CHANEY - Maintenance Technician

Rusty has been with Central RV since 2017 and is a VALUABLE asset! Rusty is our all-around fix it guy, he is what keeps the lights from flickering, and all things working smoothly. In Russ’s free time he like to get that mustache in the wind, hunting, fishing and camping! Rusty is the Grandpa to 12 wonderful Grandkids in which he tries to spend as much time as he can!


Tony has been with Central RV since 2017 and is our GO TO paint guy, Tony works hard to get the jobs done at hand. In Tony’s free time he enjoys spending time with his wife and Kids, he enjoys dirt bike racing and cooking on a camp fire!


She is our customer greeter and shop dog. She also goes on all of our vacations.